Arkki Media Manager (server license)


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Description du produit

Arkki is a simple and innovative media manager application built on a robust storage platform with flexible configuration. It is a cost effective solution for content management that can be easily integrated into different environments like broadcast, production, and post production, empowering media workflows. Arkki combines the power of a Media Asset Management system that enables content providers to store, catalog, retrieve and manage content, with a flexible storage platform, capable of handling thousands of videos, images, and documents. It is provisioned with multi-user features such as user groups and group access control, enabling content to be managed securely. FEATURES • Web interface • Video file ingest • Low resolution transcoding • Video RAW Editing • Advanced metadata management • Advanced search engine • Project Share WARNING: DO REQUIRE PURCHASE SEPARATE LICENSE PACK: MP-ARKKI-CLI-10, MP-ARKKI-CLI-25, MP-ARKKI-CLI-UNL

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