ProMAX Platform Online 2000 – 128TB – 2 Port 10GbE Copper – 24 Bay Library LTO7


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Description du produit

Platform Online Series – High Performance Workflow Servers

  • Industry Leading Storage Performance, Scalable to Multiple Petabytes
  • Powerful Workflow Acceleration features including Transcoding & Rendering
  • Digital Asset Management for Indexing, Search & Proxy Previews

Supercharging your creative workflows, Platform Online gives video professionals the most powerful server in the industry, with storage performance for 4K & beyond, and huge CPU power to offload processor intensive tasks. The ProMAX Platform Online Series is a High-Performance Workflow Server, designed for video professionals to accelerate and improve their content creation process. It features powerful shared storage that is optimized for video workgroups using Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, Apple’s Final Cut Pro and other creative software applications. Platform scales easily for workgroups of all sizes, is simple to deploy, and integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure. Now available in two models, the power of Platform Online is more accessible than ever. The most powerful workflow server in the Platform lineup, the Online 2000 combines shared storage, asset management, transcoding, and rendering into one incredibly powerful device that creates efficiency for your entire organization. With up to 96TB of ultra-fast storage enabling editors to work on 18 streams of 4K and including multiple CPU’s with 20 Cores of processing power and 512GB of RAM, the raw speed of the Online 2000 will cut through your most difficult creative tasks. And with enterprise features including dual redundant power supplies, dual redundant OS drives, and RAID controller battery backup, the system is designed for high availability and protection from failures. Details:

  • ProMAX Platform Online 2000 – 128TB
  • 2 Port 10GbE Copper
  • ProMAX 24 Bay Library LTO7

Information complémentaire

Poids 74 kg



400MB/s to 1200MB/s


Tous les serveurs ProMAX, Chassis d’Extension, pièces et HBA incluent une garantie complète de 3 ans sur les pièces. Les Switches et la Bibliothèque incluent une garantie materielle de 1 an