Dalet Manzanita VoD TS multiplexer


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Product Description

AmberFin Dark Transcode Options
Options – Wrappers & codecs

Option enables AmberFin to wrap MP2, AAC, AAC to ATSC, DVB or CableLabs SD/HD compliant Transport Stream files for VOD.
This is an external Manzanita Enhanced Multiplexer application and a license to us it with AmberFin.
For transcode farms this requires AF.OPT.VOD.SVR to serve licenses.

Dalet AmberFin Dark efficiently turns the content that owners have into the content their customers want, orchestrating and automating tasks with the Dalet Workflow Engine. Including format and standard conversion, Dalet AmberFin Dark offers best-in-class image processing and allows for fast and effortless content delivery and repurposing.

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