Networked VGA Grid


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Product Description

  • Record/Stream multiple AV inputs (VGA/DVI/HDMI, composite, S-Video and audio)
  • Mix inputs into various chan­nels to be recorded and/or streamed
  • Stream from up to 64 HD encoders, each with 1 HD, 1 HD and 1 audio input
  • Publish multiple streams to web viewers, CDN, RTMP, RTP, RTSP, CMS
  • Ideal for control room, training, signage and simulation systems

Capture, synchronize, record and stream up to 128 sources (64 HD and 64 SD) using Networked VGA Grid. Networked VGA Grid uses HD encoders to capture and encode VGA, DVI, HDMI™, S-Video and audio signals from anywhere on your network (or on the internet if your VGA Grid is externally addressable). Receive encoded data from up to 64 encoders and stream to over a hundred viewers, to CDNs, to digital signs and to video wall processing software. Synchronize input streams using NTP and arrange them in multi-source layouts with custom background and time stamp.

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What’s included

  • One VGA to DVI-I cable
  • One HDMI to DVI-I adapter
  • One DVI-I to DVI-I (single link) cable
  • One composite to S-Video cable
  • One Ethernet cable
  • One Power over Ethernet injector

Additional Information

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